Flying both the Boeing 747 & Edge 540

The essence of Inner Art of Airmanship is finding the core principles that makes good pilots great. Learning the techniques that are universal when flying a Piper Cub, an Airbus, or a helicopter.

Paul Bonhomme is uniquely qualified to understand these issues, as he flies an Edge 540 in the Red Bull Air Races and a ‘day job’ at British Airways as a Boeing 747-400 captain. And it just so happens that they let him film three minutes of really cool video talking about their similarities:

747 Edge 540

“There are lots of skills of flying both that are transferable. Mainly the managing of the safety. That doesn’t happen by accident. If you have the same mindset for a safe flight, whether it’s in a 747 carrying passengers or racing, that planning ahead, the managing the tasks, making sure you spot any issues well before you get there. That bodes well for flying safely in both.”

Paul Bonhomme

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