Airmanship at a distance

This is a sad story. But important to think about. For we are all our brother’s keeper. The news headline this weekend was ‘Flight school sued over death of student‘. Fox5 reported: A 21-year-old’s dream of becoming a pilot was cut short when during flight school his plane came crashing down, killing him, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Cobb County. The father of the young man filed that suit alleging the school was negligent by forgetting to refuel the plane. “I don’t want another family to experience that kind of loss,” said Michael Hughes. This was the reason … Continue reading Airmanship at a distance

The mindfulness teacher

Meet the man who taught Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant meditation. If it has helped top athletes achieve high performance under demanding conditions, why would you not try it? It’s free! Article in The Boston Globe, This mindfulness teacher gets results (just ask Kobe): Newton’s George Mumford teaches basketball greats — and everyday people — the power of flow. “The crowd gets quiet, and the moment starts to become the moment for me . . . that’s part of that Zen Buddhism stuff. Once you get into the moment, you know when you are there. Things start to move slowly, you start … Continue reading The mindfulness teacher