Zero/Zero, Charles D. Svovoda

“At last I understood what true professionalism is. Being a pilot isn’t all seat-of-the-pants flying and glory. It’s self-discipline, practice, study, analysis and preparation. It’s precision. If you can’t keep the gauges where you want them with everything free and easy, how can you keep them there when everything goes wrong?”

Charles D. Svoboda
Flying magazine, November 1976.

Old editions of Flying magazine are archived by Google books. This amazing article is online for free in the November¬†1976 edition, and certainly deserves a new audience. It’s about making a foggy zero/zero landing in a huge prop plane. Lots of good stuff for us all to think about:

3 thoughts on “Zero/Zero, Charles D. Svovoda

  1. Dave,
    Good to see your name again. I’ve been retired almost 2 yrs from FedEx.
    Bill Toft
    MD-11 Captain (Retired)

    1. That is such a good article. It should be required reading on a periodic basis for both low and high hours pilots. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Exciting …yes …been-there-done-that in an F-4E at Bitburg AB Germany it is very exciting at 160 kts… could not see the wing nav lights … WHY ? Russian American Friday night Cold War air war games ” had to! no alternates…

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