Travis Fimmel on passion. And work.

“There’s always that thing where you see people complain about their career and you know they haven’t worked hard enough. ‘Oh, we don’t get the opportunities,’ they tell me.

I went to class with you. You didn’t stay there the whole time, you didn’t go watch extra classes. I grew up working hard and never wanted to blame anybody if I couldn’t make it work. I work hard with pride and I want to be good at whatever I do.

My passion is kind of a pride-passion. I’ll outwork anyone. For me, you have to be really good to be proud of yourself. I’m honest with myself. I don’t settle. Same with anything, I work harder. I see what I want to be, and I won’t be happy until I get there.”

Travis Fimmel, actor, pilot.
Red Bulletin magazine, June 2016.

Travis Fimmel

The whole article is online. He’s soloed a Cessna, and would like to learn to fly helicopters.

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  2. I love his mindset. First step is to be honest with yourself and then improve yourself and working hard towards your goals. By approaching life in this way, anything is possible!

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    I cherish his outlook. Initial step is to be straightforward with yourself and after that enhance yourself and buckling down towards your objectives. By moving toward life along these lines, the sky is the limit!

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