Red Bull air racers inner game

“The clearest mind has the advantage.”


“Red Bull Air Race pilots spend hours visualising their course. Some sit staring into space, simply picturing the air gates; others physically construct a scale model of the course in their hangars, walking through it over and over again.”


“You should be listening to your plane.”

~ Paul Bonhomme.

“You need to be incredibly precise without thinking about it. You always need to be ahead of the game.”

~ Nigel Lamb.

“To fly through those pylons relies entirely on feeling: it should feel like two wings attached to my body. Extracting the last knot of speed at the expense of poor handling isn’t the way to go. Air racing is … finding the right line, not going too wide, not making sharp edges, just smooth, energy-conserving lines.”

~ Hannes Arch.

All this, much more and pretty pictures in a great article by Red Bull covering the inner game of the pilots getting ready for the 2015 air race competitions.

Paul Bonhomme, picture by Red Bull
Paul Bonhomme, picture by Red Bull


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